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About - Clifford Austin-Hunt, Banstead Salon

Clifford’s philosophy has always been based around a strong elegant understated style – the blue jeans, white blouse sort of haircut, one that just won’t let you down and takes you anywhere! A good haircut provides an air of confidence, an aura of assurance and refined stature. A precision cut coaxes the best out of every hair type – always a welcome challenge to the skilled artisan. Working with the client is key and forms the first principle of cutting hair.

Honesty is high on the list too. Clifford has always felt it is the best policy when confronted by an image that just won’t suit or a lifestyle that simply doesn’t support that hairstyle!

It is a privilege in this profession to be in such an influential role at the forefront of the industry. Clifford believes in being a responsible stylist, creatively wise yet keen to satisfy the realistic needs and desires of the client. His team and existing clients recognise his unique flair and inspirational commitment for this role even after 50 years in the business. He is passionate about being given a free hand to do the very best for you…so sit back and put your trust in him!